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Dorantes and Marina Heredia make a devoted public cry with their “Esencias”.


Dorante´s concert becomes the most exciting tribute to the missing Juan Peña “El Lebrijano”.

The concert started with a lullaby in Marina Heredia´s voice, it seems like she was caressing someone´s hands; at the same time the piano was opening the doors to the dreams. The Thursday night, everyone who attended David Peña Dorantes and Marina Heredia´s show could walk inside their own senses. As we walked by the Cadiz Bahia Javier Ruibal´s bass drum invited us to lean out in the balcony seeing the other side of “El Estrecho”:

We also walk inside ourselves, the lights of the theatre tone the retinas of our eyes as in the twilight, piano notes travelling inside us clearing our souls, absorbing each melody… In the moment that Marina breaks the time with a “toná” chaining the essences.

Each song finished with a long and warming applause, as in each interpretation we give them a hug, the feelings were skin-deep. David sat and it started to sound the “Bienaventuranzas” of Juan Peña “El Lebrijano”. It wasn´t necessary that Marina sang them, they were sang alone in silence. To the rhythm of tangos, with Marina´s voice arrived the word of God still being gypsy.

Marina leaves the scenery, in that moment David starts to talk to Javi in the language that he dominates the best: the music, it was like “look at me” “follow me”, “take it”, “go up”…inviting us to go up to his sounds. Marina comes back to the scenery with a white dress. David Peña Dorantes and Javi Ruibal sounded like the sea, like a sailor breeze, and Marina bursting out with fandangos. Unannouncedly the first notes of Orobroy started to sound with Anabel Rivera and Jara Heredia chords. In that moment tears started to flood our eyes. There were also moments to remind Lole and Manuel.

The concert was over and David Peña took the microphone and got ready to talk. He said that it was a bittersweet moment, he was pampered by Marina Heredia, but a few weeks ago he was in the same scenery saying goodbye to his uncle Juan Peña “El Lebrijano” and announcing that he was going to remind him with his music. Since the first compasses of “Las Galeras” the essence of Juan Peña “El Lebrijano” was noticed. With the quill of Felix Grande, the reality from his verses, the majesty of Juan´s soul, David´s strength of transmitting feelings, the exciting interpretation of Marina. But in any case, that Thursday night we conclude crying.

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